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2015 Gowns for Prom

Colvin Cleaners Launches Its 10th Promotion to Benefit High School Girls in Western New York

It’s almost that time of year when young high school ladies start thinking about their prom and what dress they might possibly wear to the big event. Well, for the 10th straight year, Colvin Cleaners of Kenmore, New York is helping to make that choice a little easier and less stressful for these ladies.

The 10th Annual “Gowns For Prom”, sponsored by Colvin Cleaners is underway!

“This is one of the most exciting and fun projects that we run all year” stated Colvin Cleaners Owner and President, Paul Billoni.

People can donate gowns at several locations throughout the area including any of the 11 Goodwill WNY Retail Stores, where they will receive a $5 off of $15 purchase coupon for donating a gown. Also, the seven Ted’s Hot Dog locations; the three BAC for Women facilities; the Boulevard Mall; TT New York, Shea’s Performing Arts Center and of course, Colvin Cleaners, where you will receive a $1 Ted’s coupon if you donate a gown.

“Last year we serviced more than 55 high schools and over the last ten years we have collected over 18,000 gowns and distributed over 7,200 gowns to young ladies” Billoni explained.

After the prom gowns are collected at the various locations, they are then brought to Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo. The young ladies then select from over 4,000 gowns on the stage of Shea’s . There are three floors of changing rooms at Shea’s where the girls try on their gowns while professional tailors measure the gowns on the girls for any alterations that need to be made.

“This is quite an experience for these girls to step onto the stage of beautiful Shea’s and pick out a gorgeous gown which will be tailored specifically for them” Billoni said.

After the alterations are made, the gowns are then cleaned and packaged for that “like new look”, for these would be prom queens. Best of all, it doesn’t cost them or their parents anything. Colvin Cleaners provides all of these services for FREE!

The prom gown distribution days at Shea’s are April 13,14 and 15 from 3pm-8pm. If your school is not signed up already, you can sign up on our website at

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