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12th Annual Gowns for Prom Begins!

This post was created by Buffalo Rising and is being reposted for sharing purposes.

When you attended your prom, your biggest issue was most likely finding a date. Another common issue is choosing the right prom dress. But for thousands of girls, their biggest obstacle preventing them from attending their proms is the expense associated with purchasing a dress. That’s right. What so many people take for granted, is a deal breaker for others. Can you imagine not being able to attend a prom because you can’t afford a dress? The prom should be one of the happiest moments for a high school student. yet that’s not the case for so many.

Thankfully, Colvin Cleaners Warehouse has figured out a way to ensure that disadvantaged young ladies are able to make an appearance to the big event. For twelve years, they have been orchestrating a campaign called “Gowns for Prom”, presented by Allstate.

In 2017, there is a need to procure several thousand gowns! Anyone who has a gown that is no longer being used, is asked to please donate it to this worthy cause. What could be better than knowing that the gown that you purchased will live to see another wonderful day? The gesture is guaranteed to bring a smile to a special someone’s face.

The young ladies will select a gown and have it fitted by professional seamstresses before it is altered, dry cleaned, packaged and delivered for free by Colvin Cleaners to the respective schools in time for the prom.

Currently there is also a need for volunteers aged 18 and over (unless accompanied by a parent), who can help with the “distribution and restocking of gowns and monitoring the dressing rooms.” Seamstresses and tailors are also in need, to assist at Shea’s with alterations.

Gown donations are being accepted through March 31 at any one of the following locations: Allstate, Reeds Jenss, Delta Sonic, Colvin Cleaners locations. Distribution sessions will be held on the Shea’s Performing Arts Center stage! That alone will be a memorable occasion.

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